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Amber Leigh is Florida's leading entertainer today! She is a 26 year old vivacious red-head specializing in crossover country music with a Celtic twist. Her lead vocals are gripping, while her fiddle, mandolin, and guitar playing leaves audiences always wanting more. 'Reckless' is full of enticing pop hooks, yet embraces true country soul because of her roots in southern rock fiddle music. Amber's music is an engaging mix of Country, Rock, and Celtic.

Amber Leigh has just released 3 new self written singles that will be premiering first exclusively on TCN! The new singles and the music videos were recorded and filmed live at the beautiful Crest Theater in Delray Beach Florida. Amber Leigh and her band have been together for over 5 years and the live recordings and live music videos show just how magical their stage show truly is.

Her 4th independent CD 'Reckless', recorded in Nashville and produced by Billy Austin, Michelle Poe and Grammy Award Winner Silvio Richetto has received rave reviews by industry professionals and Amber's huge fan base. South Florida powerhouse station 99.9 WKIS FM choose "How It All Works Out" - Written by Amber Leigh, for their new music challenge. 'How It All Works Out' went on to receive a 100% rating from listeners.

Amber has been singing, playing, writing and performing professionally for over 15 years now. Her stage presence is stunning, and is that of a born entertainer. Her stage show is unbelievably polished and shows her true love for performance. Visually and musically, Amber's show holds on to audiences the moment she takes the stage until the last note of her encore. Her influences include a wide range of fiddle styles including Cape Breton, Irish and Bluegrass. With these, Amber manages to blend all the styles to come up with her Irish infused crossover pop-county sound.

The Amber Leigh Band headlines over 200 shows a year up and down the east coast of the USA and Canada, securing a huge fan base. She has sold thousands of records over the years and has built one of the largest, strongest fan bases of any country performer without a major label behind her. In the past few years, Amber Leigh has opened for Nashville acts such as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Toby Keith, SugarLand, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, and more including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Amber Leigh has appeared on TCN, USA Network, NBC, CBS, FOX and the Sally Jesse Rafael Show and has won a huge national audience.

For the past 15 years she has held down a house-gig at one of the most exciting and legendary oceanfront clubs in Palm Beach, 'Boston's on the Beach' in Delray Beach. Amber Leigh is originally from South Florida and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee and Delray Beach, Florida.






Amber Leigh - "I'm Not The Girl":



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