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Introducing… Chelsea Bain.

Not only is "All American Country Girl" the lead off track to Chelsea Bain's self-titled debut EP, but it’s also the perfect catch phrase to describe the 21-year-old newcomer who’s just as fierce behind the mic as she is fiery in personality. Blending the best of in your face country with a hearty dose of rock n’ roll, the Arizona native is no stranger to tireless work ethic, a healthy sense of competition, plus an empowering balance of self-assurance and confidence.

“Music’s been in my blood since before I can even remember,” assures the powerhouse vocalist and explosive performer. “I’ve never wanted to do anything else for the long term, and now that I’ve tapped into my creative process, I want to get out there and inspire people through my music.”

Aside from being raised on a steady diet of country luminaries like George Strait, folk hero Bob Dylan and the dust kickin’ grit of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, it wasn’t uncommon for Bain to spend time on the ranch, at a roping arena, dirt biking, or perhaps closet to her heart, riding horses. Throughout her upbringing, she earned over ten National and World Championship titles in the American Paint Horse Association (often times singing prior to competing) and spending countless hours with her parents, brothers and cousins at the Phoenix International Raceway (the sight to numerous NASCAR races).

“Growing up in that environment made me incredibly passionate about anything I’m involved in and it helped me always be up for a good challenge,” she traces of her strong determination that’s ready to take on the world. “I reached a point in the horse industry where I’d been doing really well, but it wasn’t as challenging as I wanted it to be, so music became the next thing for me to tackle. I’ve been singing since I was practically born, so I’m more than ready to dive in.”

With two solid years of developmental planning and industry networking, Bain is finally ready to make her mark at the crossroads where Country and Rock collide head on. Aside from the self-titled EP boasting five full-throttled tracks reminiscent of Gretchen Wilson or Miranda Lambert, the collection also features a who’s who of behind the scenes heavyweights. A quick scan of the credits includes primary producer Chris Omartian (Pink, Hillary Duff), mixing from J.R. McNeely (Twilight soundtrack, JJ Cale), mastering by Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Brooks & Dunn) and even a session appearance from Grammy Award winning legend Michael Omartian (Rod Stewart, Chicago, Steely Dan), which are sure to elevate Bain’s already increasing buzz to even greater degrees.

“I was just in awe working with everyone in the studio and our goal was to really push the envelope,” explains the burgeoning entertainer. “The album is really electric and a harder edged blend of Country and Rock. With the internet and the way music’s changing, there are so many ways you can go, plus my generation is so broad in what we’re listening to. You don’t have to do a particular thing to fit into a certain hole anymore, so I just want to showcase who I am.”

Even more essential to Bain’s musical musings is her underlying message, which is packed with plenty of assertiveness that encourages listeners to believe in themselves, while serving as a sure fire cure for any underdog. Take for instance the autobiographical foot stomper “All American Country Girl,” the revelry soaked “Last Night’s Party” or the competitive battle cry “Ignite Me.” Additional balance is found in the gritty ballad “Lonely” about the struggle of leaving a love behind, while “Say You’re Sorry” is a post break-up barnburner that finds a furious girl standing up to her former man.

“All the songs point to making a transition from a girl to a strong woman,” unveils Bain. “It’s coming from the perspective of going from your teens to your twenties and all the changes that come with the territory. If I could summarize the songs with one word, I’d come back to ‘strong.’ What I say is what I mean, I’m proud of who I am, and you should be too.”

As for overarching career goals, the fresh faced star in the making will follow-up her record release showcase at Nashville’s esteemed 12th and Porter club with continued touring and additional recording. With a full-length record coming right around the corner, it’s clear Bain is immersing herself with lofty ambitions and has plenty of musical assets to walk the talk.

“Music touches everybody in a certain way, and just like all those songs and artists that moved me growing up, I want these songs to be a soundtrack to finding who you really are,” she sums up. “You’ve got to find stability and solid ground, which is something I’ve had to do over the last few years as I’ve gone through so many changes. But I’ve been through a lot and traveled a ton to the point where I can confidently say ‘don’t mess with me’ and mean it!”





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