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You might remember Ira Dean as the "wild", "untamed", "crazy", "energetic" bass player of the country trio Trick Pony but since leaving the group in 2008, Ira has proven that strength doesn’t always come in numbers...

Back in 2000, Trick Pony exploded right out of the starting gate with their highly acclaimed and platinum selling self-titled CD. Huge hits co-written by Dean like “Pour Me,” and the Grammy nominated “Just What I Do,” established Ira Dean as not only the wildman with headlights in his chrome stand up bass, but as a brand new singer songwriting force and studio musician in country music. The trio won both the American Music Awards’ “Top New Artist” and the Country Music Association’s “Artist of the Year”. The second CD, On A Mission ,which Ira co-wrote 7 cuts including the hit single “On A Mission” brought five more Academy of Country Music nominations including “Album of the Year” and “Vocal Group of the Year”.

Now a few years and more than 40 cuts later, Ira is happy being “A Power Of 1” . Ira has had songs recorded by Joe Nichols, Chris Young, ex-pony Heidi Newfield, Jake Owen, Gary Allan, including his hit single “Feeling Like That”, and Montgomery Gentry, including their hit single “One In Every Crowd”, just to name a few.

“It’s crazy ain't it?”, Ira says, “ But then again my life has always been crazy. When I first came to town I was drowning. I had this gig for $30 bucks a night and was going to go back home. Then I met this red headed kid bout my age, he came up to me at the club I was playing at and said, 'Man you can stay at my place for a while'. That red headed kid was John Carter Cash. My first year in town and I was stayin' with Johnny Cash, June Carter, and John Carter”. Ira laughs... "God must love Crazy”.

After 2 years in the making, Ira has just finished recording his self titled CD produced by himself, along with Joe Scaife, Blake Chancey, and good friend Anthony Smith. Ira grins and says, “It's a mixture of alcohol and testosterone-driven songs; my buddy Bobby Pinson calls it “Testostahol”.

You can also check out Ira Dean on the video game Golden Tee, a wild and rowdy theme song, with a video that only Ira could deliver...





Ira Dean - "Somethin' Bout A Sunday":

Ira Dean - Something About A Sunday by orchardmusic



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