Libby McGrath



Libby McGrath is a singer..., but she is so much more than that. Libby is a singer, a multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter and a consummate professional..., but she is even more than that. Libby is a country music artist.

No stranger to the stage, Libby has been touring the world as a performer and backing musician entertaining thousands of people for over 10 years now. She is at home in the spotlight and exudes and infectious charm and charisma. Her performances are engaging and high energy, her powerful voice carrying audiences on a musical journey telling stories of real life, often from her own personal experiences. One of Libby's favorite memories on the road was getting the opportunity to sing a duet with Marty Stuart. She recalls, "I just started singing "We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds" and he joined right in singing George's part. When we were done he said, "Well that's our first duet sweetheart."

Raised in a musical family and being exposed to music since she was a young child has enabled Libby to experience, learn and be influenced by a huge volume of singers and performers. Her influences are wide ranging..., from Tammy Wynette to Aretha Franklin; Merle Haggard to Tom Petty; Faith Hill to Melissa Etheridge and all points in between! This has allowed Libby to cultivate her own powerful yet sweet, expressive yet convincing musical voice.





Libby McGrath - "I Love It At Christmas":



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