LiveWire has been bringing crowds to their feet for over a decade. In its earliest incarnation in the mid-90s, LiveWire was performing weekends at VFWs and local clubs around Southwestern Missouri and Northeastern Oklahoma. The group underwent various personnel changes before lead guitarist Bobby DeGonia, lead vocalist Andy Eutsler, drummer Adam Hagerman, fiddle player Cory Shultz, rhythm guitarist Danny Bell, and bass player Landon Rolfe were solidified to complete the lineup. Originally a Western swing band, with the addition of each new band members diverse musical experiences, LiveWire expanded their focus to include a vast repertoire of whatever was popular on the radio dial at the time. That commercial appeal made the band a hot commodity.

Soon, the lure of the open road called and LiveWire began traveling from coast-to-coast, performing in club venues in almost every state across America. This was both good and bad: good when it was a descent venue that paid well and the crowds were good - and bad when it was a dive. After six years of non-stop touring and two album projects that never quite captured their sound, they were burned out and discouraged with their lack of progress. The band came apart.

What could have been tragedy turned into a positive. Time away from each other made each man realize what they had lost. After a brief hiatus, LiveWire reformed with a renewed energy and hard-won musical maturity. Determined to break out of the cover band scene, they focused their attention on developing the sound that would take them to a higher level and grow their fan base. Building on their reputation as a top-shelf live act, they began opening for a Who's Who of Country music and had the opportunity to appear in front of a national television audience as finalists in the Colgate Country Showdown, where they performed on the hallowed stage of the Ryman Auditorium, in Nashville. They also tapped into the natural songwriting talents of Eutsler and Bell, and began to express the true artistry that it takes to build a successful career in music.

Edgy, honest and passionate, LiveWire's unique sound is perfectly captured on their self-titled national debut EP, scheduled for release in June 2011. Their original songs are infused with the kind of lyrical honesty and expert musicianship that can only be forged through years of shared personal experiences and hardships. Blending elements of working mans Country and rootsy Southern Rock, themes of the common man resound in their Ozark Mountain firebrand music. Its about real life: good times, hard times, poverty, love, loss, family, spirituality, death and redemption.

The EP was co-produced in Nashville by engineer/producer, Bart Pursley (Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich), DeGonia and Justin Woods. It opens with LiveWire's debut single, "Tater Fed", which is quickly becoming the bands anthem; it is dark and tribal in its feel and lays out the hard-scrabble reality of growing up in the rural heartland. "Gone" is an out-the-door and down-the-road leaving song. "Heart Burn" showcases a tasty twin guitar riff in a cautionary tale about playing it cool in love - and losing. "That's What Makes You A Man" is a story of traditions, honor, and love for your family, God and country. "Drink About It" is a light-hearted fiddle-driven hook that finds the band making short work of woman trouble. "For The Last Time" ends the set with a hook-driven melody of love lost that leaves you hungry for what's next from LiveWire.

Like a band of brothers, LiveWire has endured to see their long-held dreams of success becoming closer to reality. Even if you werent "Tater Fed" and didnt grow up on a "rural route" LiveWire makes you wish you had. Their music has a welcome familiarity; it feels like its been in your soul all along.





LiveWire - "Tater Fed":



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