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She began this journey as a wife and mother, living the dream of singing her own life story. Born in Georgia, but having grown up mostly in southern California and having experienced the death of her father when she was only fifteen, Mandy Gawley knows the bitterness of loss and the impact of family.

With the release of her album, “Life So Sweet”, Mandy gives us songs that sweeten even the most poignant of life experiences with a light at the end of every tunnel. She writes from the heart of a wife and mother of two, baring her own experiences to the microphone with the subtle grace that can only come from one who knows.

Her most recent single “Little Things,” encourages the listener not to sweat the smaller stuff -- rather, to focus on the little things that make life so worth living. And in so doing comes the deeper message from Mandy’s music, that overcoming obstacles and finding your balance is the very essence of a life well lived. “It’s a little bit of country, a little bit of pop and a whole lot of heart,” says Gawley with a matter-of-factness peppered with southern charm. “All I remember ever wanting to be when I grew up was a performer, singing for audiences anytime, anywhere. And now, I find great joy in being able to do just that -- create music and perform for people who really want to listen to what I have to say.”

And they are listening. Within the first year of her public jaunt, this wife and mother has garnered a nomination as Georgia Music Artist of the Year, has been featured on GMC-TV as a new artist and in a commercial spot for the network (reaching over 51 million viewers nationwide), has had her song “Let It Go” featured in the movie “Trinity Goodheart” with Eric Benet, has been featured on 94.9/The Bull, Atlanta’s major market Country Radio station, and is working on a new single inspired by Linda Ellis’ popular book “Live Your Dash” already in bookstores nationally. Mandy Gawley’s dream is coming true.

In this case, Gawley’s “dream team” is an A-list of professionals who, not only appreciate the little things, but also believe in doing them big. Producers Steve Thomason (Due South) and Michael Gleason (Pressure Point) teamed up to co-produce the album start to finish, participating as well on songwriting, arranging, guitars, and background vocals. All the while, Mandy was honing her vocal chops under the tutelage of nationally renowned vocal coach and producer Jan Smith (Jan Smith Studios) ensuring that her voice would rise to the occasion when the time came to track vocals. Smith will also be co-writing on Mandy’s upcoming single.

Born out of this labor of love is a poignant and beautiful collection of snapshots from one woman’s life and lessons learned along the way -- living, dying, letting go, moving on, and loving. As she continues to follow her dreams with the support of her husband, family, and many friends, Mandy Gawley is, indeed, living a life full of wisdom, love, and little things… a life so sweet, indeed.






Mandy Gawley - "Let It Go":



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