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Robby Armstrong started playing the guitar in a country band at age 14. The band was comprised of older members, but they saw his talent at an early age and gave him an opportunity to play; and since then he hasn’t left the stage.

His family moved to Hawaii where he would attend his high school years. Shortly after arriving, he was playing his guitar for the locals and their luaus. He attended college in Hawaii but couldn’t stay away from the lights and stage of the California coast. He headed back to the mainland to play in several bands while holding a day job. He joined a traveling band that headed to the east coast opening up for bands like Marshall Tucker Band, Foghat, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown band.

Eventually though he moved back to California to pursue a rock n’ roll career on the sunset strip. He had a brush of success; only for the band to break up before signing the contract that could put him on the map of the music world. At that time, his band also was the house band for the Legendary Golden Bear in Huntington Beach the last months before they closed. From there, he continued to play at night and work during the day. Working regular gigs in the Arrowhead mountain area he learned to hone the craft of the blues. Robby was ready to play anywhere the crowds were. In 2001, he moved to the Surfside area producing his own blues album called “Surfside”. This record received great reviews from Southland blues magazine and others. Shortly after that, Robby was able to stop working his day job and continue pursuing his music career full time. He met his wife and they have 4 children. Today he lives in Huntington beach and is pursuing his first love – Country music. He feels he has come full circle and has found a place he can write, play and produce a great country album.

While the new record is more along the lines of Americana country rock, if you are a country music lover you will not be disappointed by music Robby and his co – writers Radney Foster, Liz Rose, Travis Meadows, Deric Ruttan, Jeremy Spillman; and of course, not just his co-writer and friend but also co-producer of the album Darrell Brown have recorded. Along with engineer Niko Bolas, and the best musicians Nashville and LA could offer (Bob Glaub, Tom Bukovac, Rami Jaffee, Paul Franklin and Chad Cromwell) Robby has put together a well crafted group of songs. All were recorded in the legendary Black Bird Studios in Nashville and the Village in Los Angeles. The new album has not been released yet, but it is already on its way with 3 songs in the up coming movie “Gambit” a remake of a 1966 version. The Coen Brothers have produced this remake with stars Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth starring. Robby Armstrong and his band are in the movie playing themselves as the bar band. The song “Rodeo” is on the Sims Video Game “Pets” released in 2011 and has been heard as a Rally Monkey song at the Angel stadium this season. Robby’s first music video will be shot in early October. A shorter EP with 3 songs will be released in late fall 2012, with the full album being released in Jan. 2013 along side the movie.

Besides pursuing music, Robby donates his time to several local charities in the Sunset Beach (Huntington Beach) and Seal Beach community. He and his wife host “Children Today” and for the past 5 years have held an annual Halloween costume party benefit that Robby and his band play. Robby has been playing the Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Seal Beach and Long Beach areas faithfully for his fans for over 20 years. New fans as well as his faithful fans, bring friends to hear great music and lyrics but also to hear his guitar talents. Robby plays an acoustic guitar like it is an electric guitar and mesmerizes many, also adding his choice of expert accompanying musicians. Their collective talent is a show not to miss.

Robby’s high energy and connection to the crowd will win any music lover’s heart. You don’t need to love country music to have a great time at a Robby Armstrong show you just have to know how to have a good time! Lets Go Rodeo!





Robby Armstrong - "Rodeo":



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