Third grade. Recess. As most kids wait anxiously for their turn on the slide, ride on the zip line, or shot at the four square court, another group forms around a solitary raised platform. At any other time of day, this spot would be unremarkable. But after lunch, at this elementary school, it is transformed into a stage… where Skyler would perform. And from nearby this makeshift venue, educators can witness a mini “Hard Day’s Night” moment.

From these unusual beginnings, it should be no surprise that by 6th grade, Skyler was a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard); by 7th grade, he was sleeping on the couch, so as not disturb the sanctity of the recording studio that his bedroom had become; or that by 9th grade, he had released his first full-length, all original CD. There have been many other stops: four more original CDs before high school graduation, 20 professional and repertory theatre productions, over 300 gigs (festivals, fairs, concerts, showcases), and a year at Berklee College of Music.

With the release of his latest EP, Take You Away, -- recorded and produced by Jonathan Wyman (Halo Studios) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Gateway Mastering) – and his live band behind him, Skyler and the Band of the Thieves (named after a Taylor Swift lyric) are currently looking for their spot on the playground. Come out to a show and be ready to have a “Hard Day’s Night” moment of your own.




* Country Music Rocks interview with Skyler



Skyler - "My Love (Will Lead You Home)":



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